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Hello There!

My name is Sundas Khalid. I am a self-taught Data Scientist at Amazon and Team Lead for Pakistani Women in Computing Seattle.  Learn more about my journey on About-Me page. 

Being the first female in my family to hold a degree, I am an avid supporter and passionate about women's education and workforce diversity.  I love to meet new people, make new friends, travel with family, workout at Orangetheory, and dress-up every once in a while. My other favorite thing is reading and sharing motivational quotes. They really get to me. Send me your favorite

I created this website because why not?! I update it here and there (okay mostly when I am bored). I  recently started writing blogs on Medium and Instagram  and would love to get your feedback. . Share your feedback here and join the mailing list to get updates.

Connect with me on Instagram. LinkedIn, and Twitter. Cheers! 

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